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Our Recipe for your Success

We combine proven techniques to help you learn skills in a simple, quick and effective way.


Individual crafted repetitions are the key to lasting memories and your learning success.


Our dynamic exercise module provides exciting, changing exercises.


A constant attention span through our innovative course concept.

Successful learning means to remember!

How does Sblib work?

In nur 3 Schritten in Ihr Langzeitgedächtnis!

  • 1

    Information Transfer

    Learn everything worth knowing from real experts with short videos, up to 45 minutes in total!

  • 2

    Information Reception

    Exciting exercises after each chapter will make sure the relevant information got processed.

  • 3

    Transfer into your long-term memory

    Our science based 5x5 minutes repetition system is going to support you over 30 days on the way into your long-term memory.

Why to choose us

Sblib combines proven techniques to a new & innovative course concept to help you to learn more efficient.

With repetitions into your memory

Why to choose us

  • In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered that we forget about 55% within one hour only. Within 24 hours almost 80% of new information get lost.

    This is also known as „The Forgetting Curve“.

  • To improve your results, our individual 5x5 minutes repetition system is taking advantage of the „Spacing Effect“.

    Proven by several researches, we can improve our retention rate up to 40% without increasing our dedicated learning time if we split it into the right intervals.

Why to choose us

Interactive Exercises

Why to choose us

  • Mostly learning is understood as the repeatedly viewing of books, videos, etc.

    Tests are associated to exams and therefore noticed as a measurement tool.

    But repetitions in terms of tests, are the much more efficient learning method. Recent studies have given evidence that we can improve our retention rate up to 30% if we repeat with tests versus repeatedly viewing the information.

  • We take advantage of this effect for each of our 5 repetitions!

    Our innovative 5x5 minutes exercise module transforms the exercises automatically and individually based on your learning progress.

    That's how Sblib ensures engaging repetitions and at the same time builds more neuronal connections for improved retention rates.

Why to choose us

Diversified Course Concept

Why to choose us

  • For a lasting learning success the level of concentration is very important.

    If the duration of a video exceeds 5 minutes, our attention span decreases to less than 60% and new information can not get processed as necessary.

  • To keep the level on concentration on a high level, we combine short video lectures with interactive exercises up to a total of 45 minutes per course.

    The exercises between the chapters provide direct feedback about your current level of concentration and drives necessary recovery before the next chapter starts.

Why to choose us

„The way of success is the way of continous pursuit of knowledge.“


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